Jasper Rocks

Gold wire spiritualist Buddhist unalome earrings

These are our brand new, visually stunning unalome earrings. "The Unalome is a Buddhist symbol, featuring a single line that spirals, twirls and ends in a straight line. Although simple in appearance, the Unalome holds within it the entire philosophy of human existence. In Buddhism, the Unalome represents the path we take in life; it's a representation of our journey." Sculpted by hand, these beautiful earrings are handmade from gold brass wire and gold brass beads. They hang perfectly from the ear lobe, creating a mesmarising and meaningful vibe that will be sure to get people talking. For pierced ears, these buddhist symbol earrings have been lovingly handmade from nickel-free brass wire which is strong yet light-weight, long-lasting and will retain their golden colour.

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